Bizkook digital services and solutions

As is clear from the concept of the BizKook brand, in simple terms, we came to set up a business. Our job is to advise on implementing and running business development campaigns online. The first step for any business is to be tuned or, in other words, the correctness of the business model and environment, then it is the turn of the strategy and it is very important to take the appropriate strategy according to the resources and goals ahead. The next step will be to design a brand identity and produce a comprehensive and seamless book brand, and the next step is to design a site or application, optimize and SEO, and participate in social media. After the design phase, it is time to design online marketing and advertising campaigns, and in the final stage, analysis and optimization of all previous steps will take place, so that we can finally achieve a great model for growth.

      • Business canvas design
      • Develop a strategy document
      • Brandbook preparation and visual identity design
      • Develop a customer travel document
      • Digital Marketing Program Design

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طراحی سایت و تجربه کاربری

Website design | Online store | UI & UX user experience design

The website is one of the things that allows you to professionally introduce your brand and services on the Internet or sell your products to customers through an online store. One of our services in the field of digital marketing is the website and online store design. This service includes various items, consulting, competitors review, UI and UX design, and web programming.

  • Website design advice
  • Business Analysis and Competitors
  • UX and UI user experience design
  • Web Design

SEO and site optimization for Google

After designing the website, it’s time to create traffic on it. Today, most Internet users search for their needs on search engines such as Google. But in order for Google to put your website at the top of its results, your website needs to be optimized and SEO-friendly for keywords related to your business. In this digital marketing service, in addition to consulting and preparing a list of keywords related to your services and product, we design and implement an SEO strategy. All sub-services such as On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, Building Link, and the preparation and publication of ad reports fall into this category.

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تبلیغات گوگل

Google Adwords, Google Advertising

One of the most popular advertising methods in digital space and online marketing is advertising on Google. Google Adwords is one of the most popular online advertising methods. This method is good because it will expose your website to people who need your services. In this service, according to the request and needs of your business, advertising campaigns including advertising text, keywords, and other related items will be designed and managed. Analyzes and statistical results and reports will be provided to you after the end of the campaign.

Social network management

These days, when people spend most of their time on social media, a strong and professional presence on these networks accelerates the process of brand awareness and even introduces the product and service. Another of our services is social media management. These services include consulting on choosing the best communication channel, setting up social media pages, developing strategies and content production, and ultimately managing them. Our main services are in the field of Instagram marketing, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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