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Grow & Shine

It is in our DNA to participate in businesses as if they were our own. We love growth both in business and personal and we are actively involved from the smallest and everyday things to the most important business decisions!

Leila N.Peyman

Lilian N.Peyman

Founder of BizKook

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In these years that we have worked with different businesses, we have come to the conclusion that every business is like an orchestra, and its brand is the same as the music played by the members of the orchestra that will be heard by the audience (customers). But if the musicians do not act in harmony and the instruments are not tuned, what is heard will be not only inaudible but also annoying.
This led us to name our business BizKook, which is a combination of the word Biz (business acronym) and Kook (Meaning Tune in Persian).

BizKook is a group of hand-picked professional digital marketing experts with 18 years of experience in different industries who are passionate about growing a business with a growth hacking mindset. We are new generation of growth marketing agency who is totally remote after Covid-19 pandemic. 

Distance, nationality and language is no more limit for us. We are international residence who work together with passion to grow our lovely clients business.

Our mission is to minimize the distance between words (advice) to action (implementation) and help different businesses by taking advantage of international standards and, integrating different knowledge, and providing high-quality digital marketing services in order to achieve their goals, visions and win in the market.


Our goals are directly related to our customers business growth
Show you a measurable , clear results and regular effort on the development of your business
Create and improve your marketing potential (products, services)

Make your brands shine in the market by increasing brand awareness and authority 

Provide access to technologies, as well as the knowledge and experience to build a successful business on the Internet
Graphic Designer
David has creativity without borders


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